Monday, June 8, 2009

Happy two months

What a day! I am exhausted. We had really loud storms here last night. And it didn't help that it lightninged like crazy either. I was awake most of the storms, from 1-3am, assuming the storms would wake Camden up. But, he decided to sleep through them and wake up at 3:30 for a bottle. And we had to be up early and at our first appt by 9am, and the appts continued all day until 4 pm. Thank god they are over!!

What a big boy!! Camden is officially 2 months today, he is growing up so fast!! Today was his 2 month check up. He is 12lbs, 9 0z--73%, he was 10lbs and 50% 3 wks ago, and he is 23.75"--80%! Holy man, he is growing like a weed. He also received his shots today. I had to step out right before he the shots because I had a dr. appt on a different floor. Hubby said he did okay. He got the first one and his face got bright red and then the furry came. He screamed his head off. Justin doesn't even think he knew he got two more shots because he was still in shock and pissed off from the first one. I told Camden that I was glad that he say his daddy's face as he got those shots, not mine--jk! Actually, I am glad Justin was there, because I don't think I could have helped hold him down and watched him scream like that. He has been pretty good tonight, but definitely not himself. He is really happy, then really sleepy, and hungry. We will how the night goes....he may be up a few times. Only time will tell...

We also found a daycare--yeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaa!! It is a bitter sweet feeling. I am glad and a little at ease that we found someone, but don't want to think about going back to work! I am very glad that my inlaws are coming the first week I go back to work, and then my mom is coming the next week.

Holy man, I didn't realize it was 11pm. This girl needs to go to bed!! I will be up in a few hrs, and I have a dr's appt in the am. I can't seem to shake this terrible headache that I have had for over a week. I am going to my 3rd appt for it in the AM, lets see if they find the source. I would be happy with a good pain pill to just get rid of it for a little while. Good night and sweet dreams.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

and the days go on....

Tomorrow my little boy is 2 months old!! I am so sad that he growing up so fast, but at the same time it is so fun to watch him change and do new things. He also has his 2 month check up tomorrow. I can't wait to see how much he has grown. I think he is well over 12 lbs, and I know he is really long. He is in 3-6 month sleepers. They are a little big through his chest and arms, but he NEEDS them for his length. My husband said it was time to go up to a bigger size earlier this week, when he could barely straighten his legs in his 0-3 month sleeper. It was kind of funny, but I felt bad at the same time. Now, I am also noticing that a lot of his one piece outfits no longer fit either, they are all to short. So yesterday and today, I drefted all of his 3-6 month clothes, although a lot of them won't fit him yet.

Camden is now officially on strictly formula. I quit pumping last week. It was a tough decision, but pumping was becoming a waste. I wasn't even getting a bottles work after pumping 3 times in a day. My last straw, was going 8 hrs, not feeling full and only getting a ounce in a half after pumping. He finished up everything I had frozen this week. I still feel guilty and wish I was still actually nursing, but what can a girl do? I would have to have him on formula by the time I went back to work, anyway. And that is in 3 wks. It is what it is. He is happy and healthy and that is all that really matters.

Tomorrow, we also are going back to the 2 places we are considering for daycare. One is a actual daycare, and the other is a at home day care. They both have pros and cons. But, I think I like the at home provider better. It is a lot farther away from our house then the other place but it is worth it. Oh, I can't believe I go back to work in 3 wks. Before I went on leave, 12 wks seemed like an eternity to be off. Boy, was I wrong, it is not long enough at all. I wish I lived in Norway, where you get paid to take the first year off. Wouldn't that be nice?!?!

Until tomorrow I leave you with a little cutie pie, named Camden!