Sunday, April 26, 2009

2 wk check up

birth stats:
ht-19 1/2 inches
wt-7lbs, 12 oz

2 wk check
ht 20 3/4 inches (48th percentile)
8lbs, 1 oz (27th percentile)

Camden's check up this week went very well. Obviously, as you can see from the above numbers he is growing well. They were very pleased with his weight, considering before he was weighted after he had to major dirty diapers. Everything else seemed to be good. They checked his ears, eyes, and mouth which was all good. His reflexes were very good as well. They were surprised he responds to voices the way he does, he definitely knows who him mommy is, which makes my heart melt. So all is well, we don't go back until 6 wks, and then we start the immunizations, which I am not looking forward to.

Other than that, our trip home went well. It was kind of a quick visit. We got home late Friday afternoon. My parents had some friends over for dinner so they could meet our little man. My grandparents also got to meet Camden for the first time, which was pretty awesome. We took a picture of myself, Camden, my dad, and my grandpa. So it was 4 generations, but it was also the oldest of the oldest kids of the 4 generations, so that was neat as well. Camden likes to cuddle and the pictures were taken during his crabby/fussy time, so I was worried they weren't going to be good. My grandfather held Camden and he curled up around my grandfathers belly and was out, it was pretty funny. On Saturday, the weather sucked, so we hung out at my cousins for a few hours before we headed home. My cousin has 2 kids, 4 and 2. And she is due in 4 wks with her 3rd baby. The 2 yr old thought Camden was the greatest thing. He was such a helper, and he just wanted to hold the baby. The Easter bunny took his pacifier away 2 wks ago, so Camden's pacifier was like gold. Camden spit it out, and the 2yr old took it and told me that Camden doesn't like his pacifier and put it in his pocket. He thought he would take it, it was hilarious. Camden also had 2 blow outs while we were there and he had to help me change him both times. As Camden cried, he sang to him and patted his head saying it was okay-it was pretty priceless.

Friday night was the first time we were away from daddy, and I know it was a little weird form Justin to come home to no one being there. On Saturday, we got home before Justin came home from work. He missed us pretty bad. I had to chuckle when Justin told me that he even missed the smell of Camden's dirty diapers. Boy, have our lives changed!!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

where does the time go?

I can't believe my little guy is 2 wks old already, where does the time go? I am settling into a routine. Things have been going very well. We started a night time routine with Camden. Around 9 or so, I pump a bottle, and then we wake him at 9:30 (give or take) to give him a bath. Right now he doesn't like them at all! Although he does like his hair washed, then all hell breaks lose until we get his pj's on. Justin gives him a bottle and then he out for a good 4-5 1/2 hours. It has been great! We started his last week Friday and has worked awesome. Last night was probably his worse night. He went down at 10:30, was up at 2:30 until about 4:15, and then was up again at 6:30. If that is the worst, I will take it. He is starting to be awake a little more. He goes 2-3 hrs in the morning and evening of awake time, and then brief times during feedings. Yesterday was kind of sad for me. When we brought Camden home he barely fit in any newborn stuff-it was all so big on him. Yesterday when he got up for the day, he looked like he couldn't stretch his legs out, so i put 0-3 month stuff on him and it FIT! This is awesome because i have so many cute outfits that are that size, but so depressing that he is that big already. We have his 2 wk check up tomorrow, so it will be interesting to see how big he has gotten. After his appointment we are heading to my parents for the first time. I am a little nervous to do the drive by myself, but we will survive. We are just going for the night. Camden is going to meet his Great Grandparents for the first time. I am very excited for that!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

weight check

Today, Camden had a weight check. He had one on Monday, and he is at 7lbs, 2 oz. So he was down 10 oz. from his birth weight. So they had me nurse him for 20 minutes to see how much he is taking in. After they rechecked it he was 7lbs, 5 oz-which means he took 3 oz in. They were shocked. So today's goal was an ounce a day since the last appointment, so hopefully around 7lbs, 8/9Oz. My little piggy weighed 7lbs, 15 oz! He has surpassed his birth weight which they wanted him at by next Friday at his 2wk check up. Everything else looks great.

We definitely have our nights and days screwed up. Last night he actually was only up once, but he hasn't been that cooperative any nights prior to that. And let me tell you, he has been sleeping all day, so tonight is going to be rough. Thank god, I can sleep tomorrow.

I am doing well. I am officially back into my pre-pregnancy clothes. It feels so good to have clothes to pick from again. Still a little sore, but only when I over do it. Other than that all is well. Hope everyone has a good weekend.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

adjusting to motherhood

I have now been home for two days and I am slowly adjusting to motherhood. Lets catch you up on the last few days:

Induction day:
As my husband posted, we checked in at 5:30 am, and nothing really got rolling until 8am. The resident checked me and told me that I was 2cm dilated and 50% effaced at check in. This really upset me because I was told that I was 2cm and totally effaced the day before. She also talked over some options for induction, mainly breaking my water and letting it naturally happen or using pitocin to help things out. When the on Call doctor came in, he examined me and told me that I was 3 cm and totally effaced-you can't tell me that I changed in a half hour of sitting there. Anyway, he made the decision to start pitocin and break my water all right away. So the next thing I new my water was broke and my iv was started at the lowest level. This was all started about 8am. So I hung out for a while and did some paperwork that they needed for me while I waited for the contractions to start. I really wasn't feeling much, so I decided I was going to walk the halls. So at that time my nurse increased my pitocin my one level. So I walked, and the contractions started to pick up. After a while of walking I went back to the room and sat on a birthing ball for about a half hour and them just stood swaying on the end of my bed for contractions. I knew I only had to get to 4 cm dialation for me to get the epidural, so at this point I wanted to get checked, it was about 11 am. I was checked and was 4 cm so I asked for my epidural. I had to have a full back of electrolytes before they would call for it, which took about 20-25 minuted by the time they got it and it was through my system. At this time they called for the anasteciologist to come, and they were in with someone else, so they said about 15-20 minutes. So I opted to wait for it and not take a narcotic. Needless to say that epidural never got there because I dilated so fast (4 cm-10 cm in 58 minutes.)

I pushed for a hour and ten minutes, it was hard but definitely not as bad as I thought. It makes such a difference once you can push, they just don't hurt as bad. I had some bleeding problems after the birth. Because I delivered so fast, my uterus wasn't contracting down. My uterus had to be massaged for along time, which I think was worse then the labor. They took my husband and mom out of the room into a room that was attached to do baby stuff, and so they didn't see the blood. I also had to be put back on pitocin and have some other meds administered-I was really out of it at this time because of blood loss that I really don't remember. I did have to keep my IV just in case I needed a blood transfusion, but thankfully I didn't.

I can't believe I had a baby that is 7lbs 12 oz. I was not expecting him to even hit 7lbs. Yikes. I was obviously fairly sore and still am, but I only used ibuprofen for pain. We had tons of family and friends visit. My mom was there for the birth, and was joined by my dad, sister and her boyfriend later that evening. My in laws were there just shortly after I delivered. They were actually there while I was in labor, but waiting in a waiting room. Later that night we were visited my my cousin and her husband as well. On Thursday, we had tons of visitors. At one point we had 20, yes 20 people in the room. I was a little overwhelmed at that point.

More to come...............

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

induction update

4/8, 2:45pm

...well, Mandy went too fast. I didn't get a chance to update again before we had a son! She went from 4cm to 10cm in just an hour. Then I could see the disappointment in her face as she said, "I'm too late for an epidural aren't I?" She pushed for an hour and ten minutes and she was done! Within seconds of him being out she said, "I'm done being pregnant!" and then it turned into, "...I can't believe I did it without drugs."

We have a happy, crying, healthy, hungry baby boy. He was 19.5 inches and 7lbs 12oz and had a full head of strawberry blonde hair.

...more to come later!


induction day

4/8, 10am update

Hello, this is Justin. I am the husband designated 'poster' while Mandy is trying to have our baby!

We checked in at 5:30am this morning, we had a nurse shift change and then we had some action finally at 7:45am. At that time we met Dr. Fok, he told her she was 3 cm dilated. He broke Mandy's water and started a Potosin drip. Our nurse Sarah, hooked Mandy up to the portable fetal heart monitor. We walked around the floor for awhile, and now she is sitting on the pregnancy ball.

Spirits are up, but pain from the contractions are starting to take hold.


Monday, April 6, 2009

Eviction Notice

Dear Baby Torud,

This notice is in reference to the current lease agreement:
Please be advised that on March 30, 2009 you were notified of the violation with our current agreement for the following reasons:
  • You have vandalized your dwelling with weathering on the exterior, otherwise known as a rash called PUPPS, with uncontrollable itching and intense discomfort.
  • You have been reported to authorities on disorderly conduct in the middle of the night including noise violation, domestic abuse, and vandalizing of internal structures.
You, baby Torud, were notified on March 30, 2009 that if this breech of contract was not corrected you would be held in violation of this lease and forcefully removed in 9 days.


You have approximately 36 hrs to peacefully leave on your own terms or intervention will be used. Officers Cervadil, Pitocin, and Epidural will be arriving at your doorstep on April 8, 2009 at approximately 5:30 am for a thorough inspection and to ensure physical removal from the premises. Although your lease does not expire until April 15, 2009, we feel you have violated our contract, and physical removal is our only option.

Your landlord
aka-your MOMMY

Friday, April 3, 2009


A few more pictures, the bottom is my favorite.

So the conclusion is that it is most likely pupps, but it is not confirmed. I went to the dermatologist on Wednesday morning. She looked at it and said it definitely looked like PUPPS. The only way to get a definite conclusion is to have biopsies and blood work, but there is a catch. She needed to do 5 biopsies, 2 on the stomach, 1 around the breast, 1 on the legs, and 1 on my arms. She would actually numb me, and take a pinch of skin, and then put 2 stitches in each spot, and yes-this would leave a scar. She would not have the results back until at least next Tuesday. I also would need to have a blood test, which I had. The catch you ask-the results won't be back for at least 14 days. So after telling her that I was being induced on Wednesday morning, she agreed with me and said it really wasn't worth it. And 80% of all PUPPS cases come up inconclusive. It just doesn't make sense to put myself through that for nothing. So the last I heard she was trying to reach my doctor to tell her to induce earlier if I wanted. I haven't heard anything, so I am assuming Wednesday will be the day, unless he comes earlier. I have been terribly uncomfortable the last 2 days. Lots of braxtons and pelvic pressure. I actually came home from work early today, and I am only working a half day tomorrow. I never leave early!!! Hubby says he has to wait until 5 pm tomorrow, I just laugh. Although we are getting a terrible winter storm again tomorrow night so anything is possible!!