Wednesday, May 4, 2011

the waiting game

The version Worked! We had the version on Friday of last week. I can't say it is something that is easy in anyway shape or form, but it is not as bad as natural child birth either. We got there at around 1, the procedure was scheduled for 2. I was brought into a room to have me and the baby monitored and have a ultrasound. The baby looked great, but I was contracting about every 3 minutes, which has been pretty normal for over a month. And yes she was still breech, frank breech to be exact. So she was butt down, her legs on the left side of my body and her head up in my ribs on the right hand side. My Dr tried doing the version without any med, and I immediately contracted, so in the meds went. They use a med that relaxes the uterus, but makes you feel like you drank 4 cappuccinos. Your heart beats really hard, to the point you can hear it in your ears, and you get really shaky. It lasts about an hour. So we started again. I was flat on my back and one dr pushed her up out of my pelvic area and then she took the butt and the other dr took her head and they pushed with vigor to move her, and she went. The whole procedure lasted about a minute and a half. I can't say I would want to do it again, and I wouldn't with this pregnancy. If she flipped I would opt for a c section at this point. On Monday we went back to the Dr for my normal appt. and she is still head down. She has a 2% chance of flipping back. I was almost 3 cm dilated and had my membranes scraped. So now we wait. If nothing happens my induction date is still set for the 17th, which feels so far away.

Friday, April 29, 2011

overwhelming to say the least

We found out on monday, that little Miss is breech. I had a routine Dr's appt. and was sent down to ultrasound for a weight check. My Dr. was concerned that I had only gained 14 lbs this pregnancy and was afraid the baby had stopped growing at about the 5lb mark. Was she wrong! I know there can be quite a swing in weight from ultrasound to birth, but she is measuring 6lbs110z with a 110z swing, so she is definitly healthy. Infact she is in the 72% for her gestational weight. We have been debating all week to have a external version or schedule a c section. I have decided to try the version. I guess I can't be any worse off than I am right now, except emotionally drained. I am scared to death of the procedure. I have heard it is extremely uncomfortable, but for the most part safe. It has a 50% success rate, which isn't very encouraging to me, but worth a shot. If not we schedule a c section. Let's hope for a mobile baby who moves, and then stays in position, and a safe and painless procedure!!!

Friday, April 1, 2011

where does the time go

So it has been a eventful last few months. So here is an update on what has been going on:

-in January we started finishing our basement so that we had more room for toys and guests. We only have a 3 bedroom house and with Camden going into a big bed in a different room, we were losing our guest bedroom. So everything that we had in our basement, got shoved in every nuk and cranny you could find in our house-I feel like I have lived in a mess for ever. My hubby and family pretty much did everything! So most nights, we came home, ate dinner and then hubby went down stairs for the night, and I was a single mom! (PS. I don't know how they do it) So the basement is now done, we got it finished about 2 weeks ago, and it turned out AWESOME! We love it.

-Work has been crazy for both hubby and I. Both jobs have made some structural changes again, so work loads and stress loads have increased. But we are both happy to just have jobs.

-Traveling around town has been a little insane. I live in Madison, WI where we have had huge protests due to collective bargaining rights being taken away from union workers to fix our budget. That is a whole other topic that I am choosing not to even talk about because I see both sides points. But there have been people everywhere. So it sucks to go to dinner, the store, just being out in general.

-Camden went into a big bed last week! He loves it! He is so cute in it. I just can't believe he is that big already. So now it is time to start working on the nursery again. We are keeping it pretty much the same but making it a little more girly! I only get one, so I might as well do what I want right?

-that is pretty much family stuff, now the good stuff that you are all interested in-the baby

Baby update

-where to begin? First of all, I have restless leg syndrome. It came on about 4 months into this pregnancy. I thought it would just pass, like most of my other pregnancy quirks, you know, a couple weeks and we move on to something else. WRONG! It actually has gotten worse. To the point Hubby and I have been sleeping in separate beds/couches for 2 months already. I typically go to bed around 10/11, and am up from 12-3:30/4 am walking around because my legs are twitching and shaking so bad. So they tried giving me some Ambian. It helped, but it just made it easier to fall back to sleep. So I was up just as much, but with less frustration about the loss of sleep. But I was still dragging at work. It is so bad I can't even take a nap on days off, because the minute I try to relax they kick up. I was sent to a leg specialist who deals with a lot of patients that have restless legs, and she doesn't even have a good solution because I am pregnant. Every treatment is medication, which I refuse because they are all class c drugs such as opiates. So we are trying a very small dose of a drug that is in the valium family. It is safe during pregnancy, and I will admit, I have had some improvement. I am still up at night but for a short time. And now it seems I am up to go to the bathroom, not so much becuase my legs are bothering me. It has been a long couple of months.

-I have had a lot of spotting with this pregnancy. They can't figure out where it is coming from. I have been in to the clinic 4 times for randomness, including a trip to labor and delivery. On top of that I have been contracting for the last 2 months. The contractions aren't doing anything. But we are on strict instructions that no more than 4 a hr and I have to get off my feet for the rest of the day. More than 7 and we go to labor and delivery. So far, I have had to go home from work a few times, but no trip to the hospital.

-Baby girl is also in the breech position. We still have a little time for her to move/turn, but I am losing faith. So we may have to look at a c-section or a version. Anyone experience a version, I would love to know how it was and the outcome.

-And the Icing on the cake is that I woke up with PUPPS this past Tuesday morning!! Whoohooo! Ohhhh and does it itch. This is why I was induced early the with Camden. I was told it may come back with this pregnancy, but it may not. Oh no, I would be the one to get it. And it came the same exact week I got it last time-rather ironic!!

Don't get me wrong, life has been good. But I wouldn't say I am on cloud nine and have the beautiful pregnancy glow. I am tired and getting ready for it to be over. But little miss does need to cook a little longer. We have an eventful few weeks coming up. Camden turns 2 next weekend, Easter at the end of the month, lots going on at work and hubby is running a 5k at the end of the month with some friends, so we will have some guests in town. Needless to say this baby will be here before I know it. Hope all is well!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

snow, snow and more snow

It just keeps coming-snow. I think we have gotten approximately 18" in the last 2 days, and I am sick of it. On the bright side, I got a cuddle day with my family yesterday! Hubby's work told him to work from home and my work closed, so we hung out with Camden and played all day!!

In baby news, not a whole lot has been happening. I have still had some spotting issues-which is always cause for alarm. I ended up going back in today because I have been spotting and now have had a lot of brax hicks in the last few days, but everything seems to be normal. It is kind of annoying because when I call the nurse, before we even get to what is going on, she looks at my history and tells me I need to come in. I understand that I have had a terrible past with pregnancy, but I also hate being that person. My Dr. reassures me that they would rather have me in every other day and it be nothing, then not tell me to come in and be in preterm labor. And I know that I am to the point the baby is viable, so they are just protecting everyone involved, but it still sucks.

Anyone have any good advice for restless legs syndrome? I have it terribly!!! I am up every night for hrs with it. The only thing that seems to help is hubby rubbing them. Needless to say he doesn't think that this is a long term solution. I don't mind it! But I need to find another solution.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

never a dull moment

This has been a hell of a week! After a wonderful new years with family we returned home to Camden getting the flu on Sunday night! It was horrible, it doesn't help that I am the biggest germ-a-phobe out there! It was disgusting! He had a fever and really didn't move off the cough all day Monday. By late Monday night, he was crying for pizza! Weird, I know. Tuesday he was pretty normal, except he had horrible diarrhea, which led to a horribly blistery behind, which made him cry. And then he got sick again! On wed, he still had diarrhea. Finally Thursday he was better and could return to daycare, for me to catch it and have to leave work to spend the day in bed. Thank heavens for a little bit of left over zofran to help combat the nausea! On Friday, hubby got. And we had a crew at our house framing out our basement. We sent Camden home with my parents, thank heavens for them.

So here we are Saturday, and you think we would get a break......NOPE! I end up in labor and delivery because I have vaginal bleeding and minimal fetal movement over night. After all the tests they can't explain it and was told to put my feet up for the next few days and relax, no heavy lifting. Of course the minute I leave, this little peanut is crazy, moving constantly, like someone gave her a sugar cube. Why couldn't I feel that in the previous 12 hrs?!

Did I mention that on Tuesday we found out it is a girl!!! We are so excited. Well here is to a new UNEVENTFUL week!

Friday, December 17, 2010

feeling a little misplaced....

So it has been over a year since I last time fly's. I have pulled this up so many times and stared at the blank page, trying to figure out what to write. Do I write about what is going on, what my experiences are, or how lost I feel in the fertility world. Why you ask...well here it is-we are pregnant! I am 18 wks right now, and I didn't get pregnant doing fertility. I am ecstatic that we didn't have to go through it again, but feel like I have betrayed my dear friends. I remember the envy and annoyance I used to have for people like me because I was going through cycle, after failed cycle, after failed cycle.

So lets back up....Hubby and I decided to start "trying" in April, and to our surprise got pregnant right away. We were in awe, couldn't believe it. Everything was going fine, but because I don't get my period on a normal cycle my OB wanted to do a couple early ultrasounds and extra bloodwork. So we did a ultrasound at 7 1/2 wks and everything looked great! Heartbeat of 150's. We decided to wait until 10 wks to do the next one. At this point I wasn't feeling good, but felt a little less pressure since we had seen a heartbeat. All that came crashing down on us when I went for a 10 wk ultrasound and there was no heartbeat. The baby was measuring pretty close to 10 wks, so they assumed I had m/c in the last few days. It sucked, but I was okay. I was thrilled that we got pregnant although it wasn't the outcome we wanted, it was still positive. I waited a week and still hadn't passed it, so opted for a DNC. Please tell me why I didn't due that the last time. It was so much less emotionally and physically painful.

So we waited a full cycle and got back to it, and bam, right away again-pregnant! Obviously thrilled again but very reluctant to tell anyone including our parents. But here was the problem, we went on vacation and I was sicked than a dog the last few day. So it came out. The entire first trimester killed me. I was so sick, I felt as if I had the flu from the time I woke up, until I went to bed. I finally went on Zofran after 8 wks, and it has been my wonder drug. I don't think I could have gotten thru it without it. Since about 14 wks I have been feeling a lot better.

So that is the latest and greatest. I was scheduled for my ultrasound for the 30th, but it has now been moved until Jan 4th because they want perinatology to do it. With everything they found with Cman, they want to take precaution with this one. I understand it but really don't want to wait an extra week. Isn't that horrible!!

So, if you have read me before, I hope you continue to follow. And if you feel I have betrayed you or can't follow due to the pain it would cause you, I totally understand and only wish you the best. For those of you that are following....there is more to come.

Thursday, December 10, 2009