Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!

Tonight we gave candy away at work and had over 1200 pieces of candy gone in less than 1 hour. It was crazy. And that was only giving 1 piece to every child under the age of 12. I was kneeling down talking to this little girl and she goes to her mom "Mommy, looks this lady is dressed up like she has a baby in her belly!" I thought I was going to pee my pants. I told her I did have a baby in my belly, and she looked at me with such disappointment and said "so you aren't dressed up." I had to tell her no, and she walked away. It was hilarious. I am a terrible with Halloween. I figured I would have to work all night, so I didn't get any candy for our house. Guess what, I was done by 6 and had a street full of kids. We ended up going to the store and getting 3 bags which lasted us about an hour. I didn't even carve pumpkins this year, which I always do. Well, I shouldn't say that. Last weekend when we had friends in town, they decided to carve my biggest pumpkin at 4 in the morning. Lets put it this way, if we would have lit it, most of our neighbor would have been checking us online for our names on some Sexual predator site. The pumpkin has a very large male body part carved into it. Thank god Halloween is over! a I can now start getting ready for the holidays. I am one of those people that decorate there house way to early. I work retail and that is the last thing I want to worry about once the week before Thanksgiving is here. I am not totally psychotic, I don't put my tree up until Thanksgiving night.

On the baby front, I have a doctors appt on Monday. I am sure it will be pretty uneventful. I am hoping I can get my flu shot while I am there. We also get to schedule our u/s when we go in. That is very exciting.

ps. check the poll out on the left part of blog

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

time to vote

I added a poll, whether or not it's a boy or a girl, to the left side of my blog. I will be having my u/s in the next month and we are finding out the sex of this little bean. I will not be posting when the u/s is, or will be telling anyone when it is. But I will post the news as soon as we find out. So go ahead and give me your opinion. I personally have no idea, or intuition, of what I am having. Either way, it's a miracle we in the position we are, and we are truly thankful!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008


I have never been one to get the hiccups. I never got them in college when I drank or any other time of my life. I seriously think the last time I remember having them was probably grade school. I have them all the time since I got pregnant. It's not like I get them for 10 minutes, I just get 2 or 3 at a time and then they go away. It starts in the morning when they wake me up. No kidding, they literally wake me up. I will get them randomly until I eat and then they go away. But only for a while. It seems like when I get hungry I get them-they are so annoying. What makes it even worse is sometimes they sneak up on me, and it is loud, I can't control it. I sound like a drunk!

Nothing to new here. I am starting to revert to having a hard time sleeping. I have a hard time falling asleep at night, and then I can't get up in the morning. It's not that i can't get comfortable, I just can't fall asleep.

My mom is coming down with my aunt early next week to paint my two spare rooms. One is being converted to a nursery and the other is where company sleeps. I am painting the Nursery butter cream (a light yellow.) I have actually bought my bedding already. You can see it here. I wanted to paint the room a light green, but I think that is to masculine if we have a girl, and I don't want to have to repaint. My mom would kill me. It is also a smaller room with only 1 window, so I think the yellow will keep it from feeling to small.

We are also getting company this weekend. Some of our friends from CA and MN are coming as well as my sister. They all went to college together. My dh was room mates with one of the guys from CA when I met him. And my sister went to college with the rest of them-kind of weird, I know. Anyway we are planning to go to dinner tomorrow, then the badger game on Saturday. After the game I am heading to my parents house so the rest of them can drink themselves into a stupor without my judgement. Actually this is a little harsh-I am going to my parents because it is homecoming and they are planning to stay at the bars for a good part of the day. I have no interest doing this, to me there is nothing worse. If I wasn't pregnant I would be game for this kind of behavior once in a while, but not at this time. So I am going to go home and hang out with the rents-go to dinner, do some shopping, and visit my munchkins. I will have a lot more fun doing that then staying home getting pissed off about being the smart sober one.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Everyone is pregnant

I am not even kidding! I went to a meeting yesterday with the rest of my district. There are 9 of us-I am due April 15, my friend H is due April 19, and another friend S is due May 9. So 3 of us will be out for 12 wks. I thought my boss was going to fall over. In my location at work, I have 2 managers, and 9 employees. Out of the 12 people that work there, 4 of them are pregnant. One due 1/27, 2/24/4/15, and 4/22, so once again no one will be working much. HOLY HORMONES! The one good thing is the one due on 2/24 and I are the only one taking a full 12 wks. I also have another person that I am very close to due 6 wks after me. HOLY SHIT. I don't know if it has always been like this or if I am just noticing it more. But it is kind of crazy.
So I finally added my 14 wks belly shot. I wish I had a 12 but, I really got a bump in the last 2 wks. It is pretty noticeable with most of the clothes I wear, and I did have a employee ask today it I am gaining weight. Needless to say she doesn't have much tact, so the secret is out!!
14 wks belly

Now you can see why I had to start talking, there really was no way I could hide it anymore!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

2nd trimester

I am officially 14 wks today! Yeah!! We are officially starting our 2nd trimester, and I am officially starting to feel like a rock star. I have felt so much better the last few days, I almost don't recognize myself. I don't even remember feeling this good before I got pregnant. I have energy again, I am hungry, the nausea is for the most part gone, I even stayed up past 10:30 the last couple nights! And the best part is I have one week left of metformin, and only have to take it once a day for that week!! I am so ready to not take that anymore. Hopefully my glucose will regulate it's self out again. I am also coming clean about being pregnant tonight to my co-workers. I am having a dinner party for my district since everyone is in town for meetings tomorrow (don't worry it is only about 13 people.) One of my co workers is about 4 days behind me and everyone has known about her since she was about 5 wks. I am sure she will be talking about it tonight, and I really can't hide it anymore because I don't look like I used to.

And my camera problems are gone. We did have to get a new one, again! But we got a great deal and it has all the options I want. So I will get 14 wk pictures up ASAP. I have to download the new software and then I will post.

On a personal level, if you could go visit Sara, she was taken to labor and delivery yesterday. She has had a really rough pregnancy and could use a hug.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Camera's suck!

I don't think me and DH should be allowed to own a camera. We were on vacation 2 wks ago and had it with us, obviously taking pictures all week. I went to charge it last week and turned it on, and the screen is shot. Nothing comes up, I am so mad. We have no idea what happened to it. This is the 3rd camera in 2 years, the first 2 we lost traveling and moving, and then found one of them after we bought the 3rd. It sounds like it will cost us more to fix the thing, than to buy a new one. So once again we don't have a working camera. So those pictures I was promising, it will be a while. It also makes me mad because I have a pregnancy scrapbook that I am doing and want to track my belly pictures, which is also not going to happen. So today we are going camera shopping. I need one before next weekend because we have a lot of friends coming from MN and CA to stay with us and go to some sporting events. I have to have a camera for that. I really want to wait until the black Friday deals (day after thanksgiving) but do not have the patients. Will update more later, gotta go shopping!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Today I got to start weening from my metformin. I have been taking 1500 mg since January. This is the drug that regulated my insulin levels so I would have the normal chances of miscarriage, without the drug I have a 40% chance of m/c due to PCOS. So starting today, I only have to take 2 pills for the next week, and then 1 pill for a week, then I am done. I am thrilled only because I have the hardest time remembering to take it 3x a day. Sometimes I would forget and have to set my alarm for the middle of the night just to get the dose in-it has sucked. Needless to say I am happy to have to worry about one less thing.

I am no longer skinny, I officially am starting to have a little belly. It is a little weird. I will start taking belly shots every two weeks and post. I have one from 12 wk, but haven't uploaded it yet. I will get it up soon.

Friday, October 3, 2008


I have no intuition of what I am having. I have had people ask me if I think I am having a girl due to the fact my blog is pink? I have no idea, I haven't had any boy/girl dreams or anything. Now, I would love a little girl, but just as much as a little boy. So we are changing the background of my blog to be more festive. Yes, I will be finding out what we are having, but that is not until the end of November, early December, so until then fall will have to do.

We are enjoying our vacation. I can't say we have done a whole lot. On Wednesday we went to visit DH's cousin who is battling cancer. Due to her counts being low, she wasn't able to have chemo this week which sucks, but on the plus side she looked great and felt good. We enjoyed our day, we went for lunch and then she took us to some of the bluffs around the Mississippi-they are beautiful this time of the year. Otherwise we just hung out. That night we headed toward my in laws and have been here since. It has been very relaxing!!

Obviously we are telling people are news now, but DH and I are a little uncomfortable with the attention. So instead of us telling people we decided Dh's mom could have more of the honor. We made her a shirt that says:

What should my name be?
Grandma T
Grandma R
Nammer (which is a name Dh used to call his grandmother-his mom's mother)
and then ps.did I tell you I am going to be a grandma.

So this weekend should be fun and exciting. Hope everyone has a great weekend!!