Sunday, September 27, 2009

we have a tooth

Dear Tooth fairy,

I just want to personally thank you for being kind this first go round. I know most people don't show much gratitude to you, unless they are asking for money, but I don't want any. Just want to thank you. And if you want to grant us this much peace the next time, we wouldn't have any objections. Actually maybe we should pay you. How much do you charge for painless teething.....I may be willing to pay? The child has been drooling since he was 3 months, but no crying, ear infections, diarrhea, night crying-nothing that anyone has warned us about. So we have one, on the bottom left. Can the next one be just as painless?

Many thanks again,
Camden's mommy

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Elaine said...

Hey Girl, just checking in on you. How is Camden doing? I hope you guys have a wonderful holiday season as a family of 3. Just thinking of you!