Saturday, January 8, 2011

never a dull moment

This has been a hell of a week! After a wonderful new years with family we returned home to Camden getting the flu on Sunday night! It was horrible, it doesn't help that I am the biggest germ-a-phobe out there! It was disgusting! He had a fever and really didn't move off the cough all day Monday. By late Monday night, he was crying for pizza! Weird, I know. Tuesday he was pretty normal, except he had horrible diarrhea, which led to a horribly blistery behind, which made him cry. And then he got sick again! On wed, he still had diarrhea. Finally Thursday he was better and could return to daycare, for me to catch it and have to leave work to spend the day in bed. Thank heavens for a little bit of left over zofran to help combat the nausea! On Friday, hubby got. And we had a crew at our house framing out our basement. We sent Camden home with my parents, thank heavens for them.

So here we are Saturday, and you think we would get a break......NOPE! I end up in labor and delivery because I have vaginal bleeding and minimal fetal movement over night. After all the tests they can't explain it and was told to put my feet up for the next few days and relax, no heavy lifting. Of course the minute I leave, this little peanut is crazy, moving constantly, like someone gave her a sugar cube. Why couldn't I feel that in the previous 12 hrs?!

Did I mention that on Tuesday we found out it is a girl!!! We are so excited. Well here is to a new UNEVENTFUL week!

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Elaine said...

Congratulations on your new daughter! How very exciting! I hope that you all are feeling better soon!