Tuesday, August 12, 2008

finacial advisor

Today we met with a financial advisor to see what our options are at this point. We talked about what options were good and obviously, what options were bad. Overall, I felt it was a very helpful conversation. The advisor is close friends with our RE, so he offers his services free. And he isn't tied to any financial organization, so he doesn't push you into services an agency would pressure you toward.

Other than that, we are back to saving money and waiting. It seems to be the story of our life. We are attending a adoption meeting on September 8th. We are going to get some info and hopefully an start the application process. Apparently, one of the prerequisites is having to be married for 2 years. We won't hit that until March of next year, but we are hoping we can start the process and just not be listed until then. From what I have heard it takes at least a few months to get through the applications process and the home studies. And with my schedule during the fall and holiday I am sure it will slow things down.

In the mean time I don't know if I am fighting a little summer cold or if my allergies are starting to act up. I know that counts are high right now, so it really is probably just allergies. Hubby is complaining about the same thing. I have a little cough and my nose is a little stuffy and runny-boy isn't that fun.


Mom said...

It is our last day in Rome and we are tired. It was amazing , we are looking forward to American food. We talked about the two of you alot and the foods you would have tried.
Take Care
Love YOu
Mom T.

Hope2morrow said...

Sounds like you are moving in the right direction and making progress! Excellent!