Sunday, March 29, 2009

pregnancy pictures

I never really put much thought into doing pregnancy photos, or should I say wasn't really interested. Anyway, my cousin talked me into it. So today, I was her guinea pig. Here are 2 of them. We took quite a few, which I will post my favorites at a later time. But for now these are the only sneak peak I get, and all of my readers get. I am so glad that I did this, so Missy that's for talking me into it!!!

I have a doctors appt tomorrow, so I will update everyone on progress. My new adventure is trying to figure out where my hives came from. I am covered in them all over my legs, stomach, and arms. Gotta love it! And they itch like crazy!!!

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Pink-CJ said...

Beautiful preg photos! We did them too! I haven't gotten them printed yet and I had my twins Dec 23rd last year! LOL!