Friday, April 29, 2011

overwhelming to say the least

We found out on monday, that little Miss is breech. I had a routine Dr's appt. and was sent down to ultrasound for a weight check. My Dr. was concerned that I had only gained 14 lbs this pregnancy and was afraid the baby had stopped growing at about the 5lb mark. Was she wrong! I know there can be quite a swing in weight from ultrasound to birth, but she is measuring 6lbs110z with a 110z swing, so she is definitly healthy. Infact she is in the 72% for her gestational weight. We have been debating all week to have a external version or schedule a c section. I have decided to try the version. I guess I can't be any worse off than I am right now, except emotionally drained. I am scared to death of the procedure. I have heard it is extremely uncomfortable, but for the most part safe. It has a 50% success rate, which isn't very encouraging to me, but worth a shot. If not we schedule a c section. Let's hope for a mobile baby who moves, and then stays in position, and a safe and painless procedure!!!

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