Friday, April 1, 2011

where does the time go

So it has been a eventful last few months. So here is an update on what has been going on:

-in January we started finishing our basement so that we had more room for toys and guests. We only have a 3 bedroom house and with Camden going into a big bed in a different room, we were losing our guest bedroom. So everything that we had in our basement, got shoved in every nuk and cranny you could find in our house-I feel like I have lived in a mess for ever. My hubby and family pretty much did everything! So most nights, we came home, ate dinner and then hubby went down stairs for the night, and I was a single mom! (PS. I don't know how they do it) So the basement is now done, we got it finished about 2 weeks ago, and it turned out AWESOME! We love it.

-Work has been crazy for both hubby and I. Both jobs have made some structural changes again, so work loads and stress loads have increased. But we are both happy to just have jobs.

-Traveling around town has been a little insane. I live in Madison, WI where we have had huge protests due to collective bargaining rights being taken away from union workers to fix our budget. That is a whole other topic that I am choosing not to even talk about because I see both sides points. But there have been people everywhere. So it sucks to go to dinner, the store, just being out in general.

-Camden went into a big bed last week! He loves it! He is so cute in it. I just can't believe he is that big already. So now it is time to start working on the nursery again. We are keeping it pretty much the same but making it a little more girly! I only get one, so I might as well do what I want right?

-that is pretty much family stuff, now the good stuff that you are all interested in-the baby

Baby update

-where to begin? First of all, I have restless leg syndrome. It came on about 4 months into this pregnancy. I thought it would just pass, like most of my other pregnancy quirks, you know, a couple weeks and we move on to something else. WRONG! It actually has gotten worse. To the point Hubby and I have been sleeping in separate beds/couches for 2 months already. I typically go to bed around 10/11, and am up from 12-3:30/4 am walking around because my legs are twitching and shaking so bad. So they tried giving me some Ambian. It helped, but it just made it easier to fall back to sleep. So I was up just as much, but with less frustration about the loss of sleep. But I was still dragging at work. It is so bad I can't even take a nap on days off, because the minute I try to relax they kick up. I was sent to a leg specialist who deals with a lot of patients that have restless legs, and she doesn't even have a good solution because I am pregnant. Every treatment is medication, which I refuse because they are all class c drugs such as opiates. So we are trying a very small dose of a drug that is in the valium family. It is safe during pregnancy, and I will admit, I have had some improvement. I am still up at night but for a short time. And now it seems I am up to go to the bathroom, not so much becuase my legs are bothering me. It has been a long couple of months.

-I have had a lot of spotting with this pregnancy. They can't figure out where it is coming from. I have been in to the clinic 4 times for randomness, including a trip to labor and delivery. On top of that I have been contracting for the last 2 months. The contractions aren't doing anything. But we are on strict instructions that no more than 4 a hr and I have to get off my feet for the rest of the day. More than 7 and we go to labor and delivery. So far, I have had to go home from work a few times, but no trip to the hospital.

-Baby girl is also in the breech position. We still have a little time for her to move/turn, but I am losing faith. So we may have to look at a c-section or a version. Anyone experience a version, I would love to know how it was and the outcome.

-And the Icing on the cake is that I woke up with PUPPS this past Tuesday morning!! Whoohooo! Ohhhh and does it itch. This is why I was induced early the with Camden. I was told it may come back with this pregnancy, but it may not. Oh no, I would be the one to get it. And it came the same exact week I got it last time-rather ironic!!

Don't get me wrong, life has been good. But I wouldn't say I am on cloud nine and have the beautiful pregnancy glow. I am tired and getting ready for it to be over. But little miss does need to cook a little longer. We have an eventful few weeks coming up. Camden turns 2 next weekend, Easter at the end of the month, lots going on at work and hubby is running a 5k at the end of the month with some friends, so we will have some guests in town. Needless to say this baby will be here before I know it. Hope all is well!!

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Elaine said...

I have had 2 c-sections! They were elective, and I wouldn't have done a thing differently. You literally are in/out in 30 minutes. No contractions, no long labor... It's the way to go, or it was for me. I'm sorry you have RLS. My dad has that, and I feel so terrible for him. I can't imagine if I were pregnant having it!