Tuesday, September 16, 2008

boring week

I wish I could report something exciting but not much has been going on this week. My husband has returned to normal. The flu bug only really lasted that day, in fact, by the time I got home from work that day he was better. I still was extremely paranoid all week, but still feel good. We have been catching up on house work and getting ready for fall-I know it sounds exciting. I have been working a lot. This week is also a busy week, so I have been laying low at home because I have been tired. I am having a hard time with not going to the doctor all the time. I feel like I need the reassurance that this is real. My OB did give me the option to come in at 10 weeks to see if we could hear the heart beat, but I figured what is another week or two. Especially if we didn't find it, then I would freak out even more. I am kind of wishing I would have scheduled it but guess I will have to wait. I go back for my next appointment two weeks from yesterday.

I am really excited, I only have a week in a half of work left and I am on vacation for a week and a half. Hubby and I are going to do nothing besides enjoy each other. We are going to go and see some family and friends. I think we are spending the first week in Chicago with some friends and then midweek we are heading to La Crosse to see DH's cousin who has been battling cancer. And then we are going to head up to his parents house for the rest of the weekend. It should be a great time, and very relaxing. What makes it more exciting is we are going to be announcing that we are expecting to our family and friends that week as long as our appointment goes well. YIPPEE!! I know our mothers and sisters have been dying to tell people!! I love their excitement!


sara said...

I hope you guys have a great vacation and boring is really good sometimes, isn't it? Glad to hear you're doing okay, and that the family is really excited for you both. That's very cool :-)

StoopidMonkies said...

hope ya'll have an awesome vacation! I wish I had boring weeks LOL Glad everything is going well!