Friday, September 5, 2008

First OB appt.

I had my first OB appt. today. It was pretty uneventful. I had a consult with the nurse for the first 1/2 hr, then met with my doctor. I had most of a physical, I did get to skip the pap because I had just had one in April. We went over some medical history, how she does things, office hrs, very basic info. She gave me a book and a folder filled with everything from what to do if you go into labor to blood cord preservation. So I have enough reading for until the next appointment. I also had some blood work and a urine specimen. All-in-all, pretty routine. I go back in 4 wk unless something comes back bad in my blood work. It is kind of weird seeing your RE every other day, to a OB who wants to see you once a month. It's even kind of scary. I did get a new due date. I have had 3 different dates given to me by 3 different people, all with the same information-how hard can it be to read the wheel. My new due date is April 15-a tax baby. This is the official date, the one my OB gave me, and she says "her date is the one that counts" So, the 15 th it will be.

Just a funny-I made the mistake of going grocery shopping today-HUNGRY. Now I have done this before when I wasn't pregnant and did some damage. But tonight was ridiculous!! My cart was overflowing. Seriously, I could not put anything else in it or it would have fallen out. It was kind of embarrassing. I felt like people we looking at me as if I was feeding a family of 10. Note to self-NO GROCERY SHOPPING HUNGRY FOR TH NEXT 7 MONTHS!!

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sara said...

I'm glad you had a good first OB appointment. You're right - it is really odd to go from seeing a doctor - your RE - so frequently and then go to less frequent visits with the OB. I found even the once every 2 week visits put me a little nervous, LOL! So what's for dinner tonight with all of those groceries? Mexican by any chance? That's my favorite.