Wednesday, September 10, 2008

no news is good news

This what I was told when I left the Dr's office last week. Unfortunately, they called. Definitely not something to freak out about, but concerning. I has some blood work and a urine analysis done last week. My blood work came back okay, but my urine showed that I am dehydrated and that my "sugar is spilling." More or less that I have glucose in my urine which is not supposed to be there. So instead of having a glucose test at 28 wks, I now get to have it at 20 wks, 24wks, and 28wks. AREN'T I LUCKY!!! The weirdest thing is once again it so out of character for my body type. I am 5 ft, 108 lbs, normally people of my body stature don't have these problems, but then again they don't have PCOS either, and I have that. As far as the dehydration, I need to get more liquids, if I can't, I need to go in for IV Fluid, and needless to say I need to stay healthy, if I get sick I need to go in right away. The best part of this is my husband is home with the puking flu today! I am a hypochondriac, I hate germs, especially ones that make me puke. So, needless to say I am freaking out. I went to Tar.get tonight and bought lots of germ killer. I came home from work sanitized my house, especially my bedroom. Washed my sheets in bleach, and now have barricaded myself in our bedroom. I have quarantined my husband to the spare bedroom, with instructions to strip the bed and bleach the sheets tomorrow. I feel terrible that I can't help him, but I think he is more worried about me getting sick than anything else. He is actually feeling better tonight. Thank god I had to work today, or I would have gone crazy. I am praying to god I don't get sick, I can't afford it. I don't want to end up in the hospital or even in the emergency room getting fluids. I have done that before and it sucks!! So I am working on the fluids. I need to drink as much water, juice, and broth-doesn't that sound good?!


Elaine said...

I hope your husband is feeling better. You are right to stay away! Besides, if you haven't already experienced morning sickness (for me it didn't start until 8-9 weeks) you'll already be puking, or feeling like you could. So why bring on these feelings any earlier?

Sorry about the sugar levels. I struggle with staying hydrated too. I think after Feb, I'll never drink water again! But it's so much better than missing work and getting fluids! Be sure you are taking care of yourself!

Mom said...

Hi Mandy,
So sorry to hear about your sick husband and my sick son. Allergies and now the flu. If you're lucky maybe it is the allergies all coming back at him and it's not a virus that you'll get. Also if you're on baby vitamins you'll be so tough you'll ward off the flu. Good Luck! We'll keep tabs on you. Britt says she's coming over this weekend, maybe she can help you out.
Love Mom and Dad T.

sara said...

I hope everyone is feeling better soon - and I'm sorry about the urine test coming back that way. I'm hoping that you just have a picture perfect glucose test and it comes back perfectly normal. Hang in there and I'll be thinking of you!

Hope2morrow said...

The big 3-0 stinks! Yuck! I'm too young to be 30. LOL.

Hope hubby gets well soon, and you better take care of yourself, little lady!

Have you found an agency that will consider you even though you are pregnant? 99% tell me we are not applicable unless we stop fertility treatments or if we get pregnant- our profile is put on hold. Just wondering what you have discovered. Be well!

StoopidMonkies said...

Hi, I want to say first congrats on your pregnancy. I am 9 weeks pregnant with triplets with the help of clomid and IUI's :) I too have had m/c's (6 of them, so I fel your pain in worrying) I hope your hubby feels better soon. I just got out of the hospital from being sick. I was wondering if I could follow your journey?