Monday, November 24, 2008

not today

My u/s was not today....... but according to the poll, the majority of people think we are having a girl! I wish I could say I had a feeling. I have a feeling it is a boy, but I think that is only because I want a girl. But once again, I will be happy with either or.

So the new thing is rib pain. My rib cage feel likes like it is going to pop. It sucks. I have also started to have this nose problem. It's stuffed and runny and annoying. I feel good otherwise. I feel the baby all the time. Hubby can also feel it alot. It's not real strong on the outside, but you can definitely feel it. Most people seem surprised that he can feel already. I think it is because prior to being pregnant, I was pretty thin. Or maybe we just have a really strong baby!!

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