Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Dear baby,

Up until now, you have been distant dream of mine. You have been something I have wanted so badly. Although you weren't created the "old fashion way", you were created out of more love than I could have ever imagined. I was told you were growing inside of me about 12 weeks ago, but it didn't seem real. I felt as if it were a dream, some distant reality. I saw your little head and body when you were 6 wks old. Seeing your heartbeat was the miracle I had dreamed of. But with all of that ,it still didn't seem real. I didn't feel good and my waist line has changed, but my life remained the same, until a few days ago.........

My life has changed, again! I feel you moving and letting me know your there. You will never know the emotions that go through my body every time I feel you. Just writing this brings tears to my eyes. I never thought I could love someone without even knowing them. But, I am falling head over heals in love with you more and more each day, each kick. It is a miracle I will never take for granted, in fact, I thank god everyday for giving us this gift. In a few short weeks, I will get to see you again, and how much you've grown and changed. We will also find our if you are our daughter or son. Either way we will love you the same. Your daddy and I can't wait to meet you in a short 5 months. In the mean time, stay warm and cozy, and grow big and strong. And if you don't mind, let me know your there as much as you want, although I may regret asking you that as you become a teenager.

I love you so very much,
your mommy


The Boeckmann's said...

That made me was beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

SAHW said...

so sweet :)

i imagine the first movements are an amazing feeling. :)

Baby Quest said...

Absolutely Beautiful Mandy!

I am so happy that all of your wildest dreams are finally coming true!

mbrandt said...

Ok - i can get emotional way too easy - and yes...i shed some tears. That was veyr lovely and one day when your little one reads this - he/she will shed tears too. Can't wait to see you and your belly soon. Stay safe and warm.