Wednesday, February 11, 2009

yuck, yuck, yuck

Disgusting details, it you don't like blood, don't read:

I can't get rid of bloody noses. I have had a bloody nose everyday for the last month. It is only my left side of my nose that gets it. So far they have been tolerable, until today. I got home from work and felt like I needed to blow my nose, and it was straight blood. After blowing it is just ran down my face, nothing I did even slowed it down for about 20 minutes. Now I am afraid to blow it or sniff. It sucks. To make matters worse I keep coughing up blood from my throat from drainage, isn't that nasty. I now have to also get blood stains out of my shirt and I have splatter spots all over my bathroom and kitchen floor. Guess I will be scrubbing my floors on Saturday.

Anyway, nothing to update you on. I feel huge. The heartburn has kicked in full force. I can't sleep. I pee all night. I have extremely bad restless leg syndrome. My ribs are killing me again. I am constantly dying a thirst. Other than that life is grand!

I have two more days of work, and then I am off for about a week. I do work one day between this Saturday and next Tuesday, so one out of ten isn't bad. I need the time off, I need a break. We are heading to my in laws on Saturday, and staying until Tuesday. They are throwing us a baby shower on Sunday. I am very excited to see everyone. Due to our holidays being so rushed this year, we missed a lot of people, so hopefully we can make some of that up this week. Other than that we just plan on spending some quality family time. Hopefully I will be able to update a little more in the next couple weeks since we won't be home. Our computer (laptop) has taken a shit, and has been out of commission for the last 2-3 weeks. We finally got so frustrated we fired up my desktop from the early turn of the century. Needless to say it's just not the same. Hope everyone is doing well, sorry I am suck a bad blogger.


Jess said...

Mandy, I have been trying to follow your blog but that isn't always easy with a 16 month old. Not a lot of time to be on the computer...anyways...I am so excited for the both of you. Something you have waited so long for is now getting closer!! I would love to chat with you...if you have a chance drop me an email @ I think last time I saw you was at NY&Company in Appleton. Take care of yourself and hopefully talk soon!!


Elaine said...

Hey Mandy, I'm just checking in on you. How are you????