Saturday, March 1, 2008


So here is a run down of what has transpired in the last year or so. Justin (DH) and I got married last March and started trying to have a baby right away. In April I went in for my yearly check up and had some blood work done. Everything came back great, but due to a previous medical condition-endometreosis, she wanted me to see a doctor that is high risk and specialized in fertility. I couldn't get into her until August.

When I finally got to see her, we went through my medical records and she wanted to wait until December before we started using drugs due to the increased chance of having multiple births. The rates are as high as 40% before trying for a year. Needless to say, I agreed, it just wasn't worth the risk. But, she put me on provera to enduce periods. I take that for 10 days, and get my period, then 20 days later start it again. This will put me on a 30 cycle. So we tried, and tried, and tried..........and nothing.

I went back in December for my next visit and had more blood work done. I was diagnosed with PCOS, otherwise known as Poly cystic ovarian syndrome. To make a long story short, my body doesn't know when or how to ovulate. This syndrome is normally found in woman who are over grossly weight. I don't really fit the stereotype. Treatment is normally drugs and weight loss. I don't have weight to lose, but get to take the drugs. So I was put on Metformin, which is a drug that diabetics take to level there insulin levels. PCOS sufferers have insulin levels that are very high, which gives them a 40% chance of miscarriage. Taking metformin lowers my chances to what a normal person would be. And then 100 mg of clomid, a drug that makes you produce 2 eggs instead of one. I also needed to come back and have some blood work done on certain days of my cycle.

I went and had my blood work and the next day had a weird message left on my answering machine saying that I need to call the doctor. I called and go the results of my tests which were not good, actually they were a major blow! My progesterone levels were at a 1.1 and needed to be at 15, which meant that I did not ovulate. My doctor told me I needed to see a RE (see definitions) So I made an appointment to see a doctor at the Wisconsin fertility institute. We also found out that neither one of our insurance covers any fertility. So everything is out of pocket!!! And it is expensive!!

When we went to the appointment the doctor was very optimistic. She started me on 200 mg of clomid, metformin, and estrogen to induce periods. I took the clomid and went back for a ultrasound-no eggs. So she decided to try 250 mg of clomid which is the highest dose allowed by federal regulations. In fact, when I went to fill the prescription 2 pharmacists had to talk to me. I went back for another ultrasound, lots of eggs, but all to small except 2 that measured 10 mm. That is the smallest they can be, so I go back this week to see if they grew. If they did we are doing a IUI this week. If they didn't grow we are switching to femara, another oral drug. It is our last option before injectables.

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