Monday, March 3, 2008


I actually wrote this Tuesday, March 4
I updated Justin's post to give a little more info.

On the ultrasound Monday morning there were 2 follicles measuring 20mm and 25 mm, which is considered large. And 1 smaller, measuring 15 mm. The Eggs have to be between 15-20 for them to do the ovidril. So that's what we are doing. According to things I have read, the best chances to get pregnant is when 3 eggs are used. Luckily, that is exactly how many we are working with. A couple more good things have come out of this. I know my body is responding to the clomid, which the side effects suck when I am taking it. But we also don't have to switch drugs either, which is nice on the pocket book, because the rest of the stuff wasn't cheap. so anyway, I gave myself a ovidril shot last night in my stomach. I never thought I could give myself a shot, but it wasn't as bad as I thought. Now tomorrow morning we go back for the IUI. Justin has to go 2 hrs before me, to do his business, make his donation, what ever you want to call it. Then I go in 2hrs later for the actual procedure. From my understanding they are going to insert a catheter into my cervix and uterus and inject baby juice. I will have to lay there for about 15 minutes, then we are done, and we go on like a normal day. How that is possible I don't know. And then it is a waiting game..........


Mom said...

Yippe, so excited for you.
We'll pray for more GOOD LUCK!!
Love, MOM


Osseo and ALtoona won their basketball games Sat. so maybe we'll win and come see you March 13 and 14.

Leah said...

Yea!! I am still praying for you two. Hang in there, there is hope!!

Mom said...

Good Morning!
Thinking about you!
As your dad says, "All babies are a miracle.
So here's to a great day for a MIRACLE!
MOM and DAD T.