Friday, April 18, 2008

fertility drugs

After more discussion with my doctor and nurse, we found out that we were a little mislead. When we applied for this drug program we were told that we would have to do the start stimming as soon as we got it, due to the fact the drug only had a 30 day shelf life. Come to find out, it can be kept in the refrigerator for up to a year. So that took a little pressure off. We received the application information on Wednesday. I have spent the last couple days getting everything together. It is kind of like going to the bank to get a loan. I have to send in the application, our current 1040 federal form, last 2 pay stubs from both hubby and I, copies of both sides of our insurance cards, and some release forms. From there they will review it to see if we qualify. I am a little concerned about this, because I think we might make too much money, but we will see. The application makes reference to poverty level and average income. We are not rich, but we live a good life. Then if we are approved they will send the drugs to my RE's office. I don't know if they hold on to it until we start or if they call us to come pick it up.

When I come back in August, we will be obviously starting this process. In the early stages of infertility, I was on medroxyprgesterone which could bring on AF. I used to take it, 10 days on, 20 days off, then repeat. I would get AF at about day 9 or 10 of the 10 day cycle. So we were suggested to use that to plan exactly when we wanted to start the injections. When AF comes, I will have to go in on day 3 for some blood work and u/s. They will mainly be checking some hormone levels and to ensure I have no cysts on my ovaries. If these test come back badly, they will correct the problem and we will start the following cycle. If they are good, we start injectables that night.

This weekend we are having some of my cousins and there significant others down. We're planning on going out Saturday night for dinner and drinks and see where our night takes us. It should be a good time. Then I work Sunday night, and Monday we leave for Altoona to see DH's family. Dh's sister plays for the Rails softball team. Since it is her senior year, we definitely want to see as much of her playing as our schedule allows.

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