Thursday, April 3, 2008

pink, it's fun

I changed my blog set up to pink. I needed something bright and cheerful, this is the best they got. So I have been taking letrozole for the last 3 days, actually femara, and it hasn't been bad at all. But before I get into that, I have to tell you about my drugs. So after every appointment that they change my meds, I have to come home and sit on the phone with all the pharmacies in Madison because everyone has a different price, and it is a big swing, normally $100-150. And one medication may be cheaper one place, and the next one isn't. Anyway, we took my prescription to Cub foods, they gave us the cheapest quote at $250. When I called they had letrozole, but when they filled my prescription they didn't have it, so they gave me femara. Femara is the Brand name drug, letrozole is the generic. So when dh called me to tell me they were giving me femara I paniced because if letrozole cost $250 what was femara going to cost us. We would have been better taking it somewhere else. The Pharmacist only charged us $50.....yes only $50. I thought maybe they only charged us because I only got half of the prescription because they didn't have enough in stock and needed to get more from another pharmacy. But when I went to pick up the rest of the prescription today, they didn't charge me anything. Obviously they are definitely going to get our business again if we need more drugs. I think it was a big mistake, but I am not complaining. 2 breaks in one week, maybe things are looking up, even if it is just a little. Back to the drugs, I haven't had any side effects at all with femara except hot flashes and a little dizziness, but not like clomid. The hot flashes suck, and they are really bad at night. When I was on clomid I really only got them at night, now I get them all the time. Other than that I have felt "normal", at least what I have known as normal since starting drugs.

I have to admit, I am having a lot of anxiety this month. Last month, I felt bloated and my abdomen was really tender to the touch. I guess I wasn't really surprised for the RE to tell me that the clomid didn't work. This month I feel nothing. I am bloated, but other that I feel nothing. Once in a while I will get a crampy pain in my lower abs and then it goes away, so I assume it is gas. I am also feeling the pressure that it has to work because of me traveling this summer. I feel bad that we will have to take time off, like it is an inconvenience. But we have no other choice. If I turned this job down it would be career suicide for me. I have already turned down a promotion to Milwaukee because we had just bought our house and I didn't want to commute. So if I didn't go, I don't think they would give me any more opportunities anytime soon.

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