Friday, October 3, 2008


I have no intuition of what I am having. I have had people ask me if I think I am having a girl due to the fact my blog is pink? I have no idea, I haven't had any boy/girl dreams or anything. Now, I would love a little girl, but just as much as a little boy. So we are changing the background of my blog to be more festive. Yes, I will be finding out what we are having, but that is not until the end of November, early December, so until then fall will have to do.

We are enjoying our vacation. I can't say we have done a whole lot. On Wednesday we went to visit DH's cousin who is battling cancer. Due to her counts being low, she wasn't able to have chemo this week which sucks, but on the plus side she looked great and felt good. We enjoyed our day, we went for lunch and then she took us to some of the bluffs around the Mississippi-they are beautiful this time of the year. Otherwise we just hung out. That night we headed toward my in laws and have been here since. It has been very relaxing!!

Obviously we are telling people are news now, but DH and I are a little uncomfortable with the attention. So instead of us telling people we decided Dh's mom could have more of the honor. We made her a shirt that says:

What should my name be?
Grandma T
Grandma R
Nammer (which is a name Dh used to call his grandmother-his mom's mother)
and then ps.did I tell you I am going to be a grandma.

So this weekend should be fun and exciting. Hope everyone has a great weekend!!


mbrandt said...

GOTTA LOVE THE T-SHIRT IDEA!!!! Can't wait to see you again and we can go shopping. I can't wait for you to find out - i need to go shopping for baby stuff again. Carter is only 9.5 months and already i miss him being little!!!! Have fun on Vacation.


Elaine said...

I have to say the intuition stuff was bogus for me. I just knew from the moment the test turned pink that we were having a girl. As you know, we are having a boy! I'm so glad you are telling people your good news now. You'll feel an ourpouring of love from everyone around you!

Jill said...

What a creative idea-love it! I don't think there are any definitive signs to the sex of the baby (although everyone in the world wants to tell you what they think you're having based on what's going on with you and your body!). Looking forward to really knowing what you're having on that u/s!!

Hope2morrow said...

Like the new colors for fall!

Thanks for the support on my blog. I hope your weekend was grand!

Baby Quest said...

Hello Mandy!!

Remember me? I have been MIA for a few months but now I am back. We took a few months off and now we are gonnat try for IVF#3 in December. I am so happy to hear about your good news!! It makes my heart grow with joy and gives me great hope!!!! Keep in touch and hang in there! My other friend Lona is pregnant with twins!!

Baby Quest said...