Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Camera's suck!

I don't think me and DH should be allowed to own a camera. We were on vacation 2 wks ago and had it with us, obviously taking pictures all week. I went to charge it last week and turned it on, and the screen is shot. Nothing comes up, I am so mad. We have no idea what happened to it. This is the 3rd camera in 2 years, the first 2 we lost traveling and moving, and then found one of them after we bought the 3rd. It sounds like it will cost us more to fix the thing, than to buy a new one. So once again we don't have a working camera. So those pictures I was promising, it will be a while. It also makes me mad because I have a pregnancy scrapbook that I am doing and want to track my belly pictures, which is also not going to happen. So today we are going camera shopping. I need one before next weekend because we have a lot of friends coming from MN and CA to stay with us and go to some sporting events. I have to have a camera for that. I really want to wait until the black Friday deals (day after thanksgiving) but do not have the patients. Will update more later, gotta go shopping!!

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Morrisa said...

That sucks! My camera was just stolen so I know how you feel!