Thursday, December 4, 2008

can I just get 1 break

I FAILED the glucose test. You have to be below 139 and I scored a 141. So next week, I will be spending another day at the clinic for a 3 hr test. I have to show up at 8:30, get a blood draw, then drink and have my blood drawn ever hour, for three hours, afterward. I am thrilled let me tell you!! And this time I do have to fast for 12-14 hrs before hand, the only thing I am allowed is water. I think this will be the worst part of it because I am always hungry!

I also got more info on my u/s. The information that they gave me is a choroid plexus cyst which I described on the previous post. The other thing that was found is prominent bilateral renal pelvices. To my understanding this is enlarged kidneys. The normal range is up to 4mm, and the baby's were 5mm. So it is a slight enlargement, the info I can find it is more common in baby boys. There is not a lot of info out there about this that I can understand. It is supposedly another "soft marker" for downs, but I don't know what is true and what isn't' anymore. So much of the information out there is 10 years old, which doesn't reassure the accuracy since I have found a lot of conflicting information. My doctor this morning wasn't overly concerned. As she stated, she can't tell me not to worry because there is risks, but in most cases she has seen, it has turned out to be nothing. That is great news, but any mother would worry. She did go over the rest of the test results which all seemed to be normal. In fact we were in the 80th percentile or above in everything but leg size. The leg size was in the 50th percentile, which is still normal. That is all I know for now.

I wish I could say I am more at ease, but I am not. I do know there is nothing I can do until next week so it doesn't pay to work myself up. I am just trying to keep my mind busy. I just wish it was Monday already.


Mom said...

Well at least the numbers were close. 138 and 141. Maybe it just means you're going to have a really sweet baby boy. I know it doesn't help to say don't worry. When we went to the Cities the day after Christmas of 1989 for an amnio with Brittany, Mike and I cried all the way there and back.
So all we can do is send hugs, prayers and lots of LOVE your way. Thinking about you all the time.
Love, Mom and Dad

nancy said...

I fail the 1 hour GD test each time! The 3 hour isn't that bad. Just be happy you have it in the morning so the fasting won't be that bad. Sleep in and wake up in just enough time to get to your appointment. Oh, and bring snacks WITH you, so you can eat something immediately after your 4th blood draw!

When is your level II ultrasound? It's next week, but is it in the beginning of the week? My second baby had a soft marker for downs but didn't have downs. It's scary though, I know. ~hugs~

About the leg length. Femur length in Down syndrome fetuses was significantly shorter than in normal fetuses. I don't think the 50th %tile is "significantly" shorter at all.

Your doc was right to say stay away from the internet. When we had a soft marker, I went nuts. We didn't end up doing an amnio though, because the level II u/s cleared us of the soft markers. It was a 9 day wait for us and it was just so hard to go through, so I feel your pain. ~hugs~ and I hope your appointment comes asap!