Friday, December 26, 2008

the new black friday

Work was a zoo today! We were definitely busier than black Friday. I am glad it is over. Hopefully tomorrow won't be as busy. I am exhausted, does it ever end? The thought of having 3 days off next week excites me very much. Nothing new on the baby front. I go for my next appointment on January 4. I am hoping for a extremely uneventful appointment. I feel that I have had plenty of excitement in November and December to not need any of it this month. I am tired and rambling, so I am going to go to bed. I will write more tomorrow when I can actually form sentences that make sense and sound like an adult is writing them.


nancy said...

Yes yes. I agree - you definitely deserve just a nice and BORING appointment. No more excitement for you young lady!

I don't know if I've told you this already, but the picture of you and your husband ... He totally looks like my primary care physician's partner. TOTALLY. Let me see if they have a website and I can link to this guy's picture.

nancy said...

Here is a picture:
(remove the space after the .com - because blogspot cuts off URLs)

Bad picture, but can you see the resemblance?