Wednesday, December 10, 2008

finally some good news!!

I took the dreaded 3 hrs glucose test today. I got there around 8:30 this morning, already starving. I was trying to figure out how I was going to do this. I started fasting the night before around 7 pm. They took the first blood draw. Then I got to drink the famous sugar syrup. Now, the first time I did this, I got to take the orange flavored drink home and keep it in our refrigerator. All of the nurses and techs told me over and over how much better it is cold, and of coarse just easier to get down. So to my surprise, the tech goes into a cupboard and pulls out a clear, but warm drink. I instantly gave her the look of death. She asked me if there was something wrong-YES, I AM HERE, IT'S 8:30, IT'S MY DAY OFF, I AM HUNGRY, THIRSTY, DID I MENTION A LITTLE PREGNANT! But I nicely said no. She then told me start drinking and they would start the timer as soon as I was done. So I opened the glass container and started to drink. I also got up to go into the waiting room, but was stopped quickly. The Tech informed me I had to drink the whole thing in front of her. Okay, no big deal. The drink was so thick and was warmer than room temperature-I could have puked. The flavor of the day was lemon lime. Now, I would say that it tasted better than the orange, but it needed to be cold!!! And it didn't help that the tech stared at me as she tapped her pen against the table, and took a glance at the clock every few minutes. I finished as was sent into the waiting room. Now keep in mind my ribs and back hurt like hell after sitting for about 30 minutes. And I was told I could not walk around because that would speed up the digestion of the liquid. It SUCKED!! They took blood every hours for the next three hours. My left arm is shot! I look like a drug addict with needle tracks! I couldn't wait to get the hell out of there. Well I am glad it is over. But the best part of it is I passed all 4 blood draws, all of them were with in normal range!! YIPPEE!! But they did find that I am anemic, so I was put on a iron supplement. Can 't wait for that constipation!!! But hell, if that is the worst of it, so be it, bring on the hemorrhoids!!


Mom said...

Hi Mandy,

Doesn't sound like a very fun day but at least it ended well.
I keep looking at the baby pictures. Isn't he cute!!
Love You,

Cibele said...

I am a first time reader. Congratulations on passing the glucose test. Also I want to tell you that my baby had 2 choroid plexus cysts detected at 19 weeks. She is a healthy, gorgeous , smart little girl. I was as scared as you are, but we had a happy ending and so will you!

Jill said...

Congrats on passing your tests! That's great news.

BottleWasherMom said...

Glad you passed! Try to enjoy your pregnancy now and soo glad to hear your ultrasound went well! :)

sara said...

I am so glad that you passed! That is great news...hope you're doing well :-)