Wednesday, January 7, 2009

26 wks

update on appt: everything went well. I am up to 119 lbs, which is about a 10 lb weight gain since BFP. I am measuring at 24 weeks, so a little behind, but she is not concerned at all. Heartbeat was good and strong. I was given the glucose drink again to take home with me, it's orange again. I was hoping that I wouldn't have to take it again, but I was wrong! The test I took in the beginning of December was to ensure wasn't diabetic to start with, this time it is to make sure I am not starting to get gestational diabetes. So at 28 weeks, I will have to take the one hour test again. As my nurse told me, "I will probably fail it, and have to take the 3 hr test again-no big deal!" I could have cried. A part of me feels like if they are that confident that I am going to fail, lets just start with the 3 hr, but then again I don't want to have to do it if I don't have to. I will also have my iron levels checked again to see if the iron supplement is helping, which I don't know if it is because I am still so exhausted. We also got some information on blood cord donation, which I don't think we are going to do. And we got a list of my OB's recommendations of a pediatrician so we can make a appointment of who we want to see and have a meet and greet. From here we go back in 4 weeks and then we start we start going every two weeks-yikes did that sneak up on me.

We signed up for our birthing class this week. We are taking that on Feb. 21, it is an all day Saturday class. The hospital I will be delivering at only offers a one day class, which I would much rather do than go to a two hr class for 4 weeks.

I am dreading going to work today. There are some major changes that are happening in my company. A lot of jobs are being eliminated. My boss will be at my store today, which means I am going to find out what changes are happening to my store, which are in return effective today. I am scared shitless. I have been told that my job is not effected, which makes me feel a little better. But I genuinely care about that people that work for me and hate to see anything happen to them. I don't know if it salary cuts, job cuts, or what the changes are. I also have a manager that gave me notice a couple of weeks ago, so she is done at the end of the month. If this goes bad, I could be the only member of management by the end of the month. What makes this worse is I am so tired, and I know I am going to have to step it up, and I feel like I don't have the energy. Can I just go back to bed, and pretend today never has to happen?

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