Thursday, January 29, 2009

4 down, no more to go

I passed the 3 hr again!!!! whooohooo! This time it was definitely not as bad as the last time I did the 3 hr. I wish I knew why I constantly fail the 1 hr, but pass all 4 draws on the 3 hr. I don't get it, but I am not complaining because I do not want GD! I did get the shakes really bad and wasn't feeling very good from it this time. After I came home and ate, I took a nap and that seemed to help. But I still don't quite feel myself. Nothing a good night sleep can't fix!!


Mom said...

Is that good news.
So excited to meet this sweet babe!Love Ya,

nancy said...

I hate the 3 hour. I've taken that test 3 times! Congrats for passing!

Oh - and about sushi - I ate spicy tuna rolls throughout my entire pregnancy. If it's from a place you trust, the risk is so low.