Sunday, January 4, 2009


holy man, we are at 100 days to our due date. I can't even believe it. I remember when I first found out we were pregnant and I posted the ticker, I think it was around 220 days. A due date seemed so far in the distance, now it feels like it is just around the corner at times.

We ordered our bedding months ago. When it came, in we went to hang the window valence and we couldn't get a rod up because the window is to close to the wall. So my mom took them home to attach to a board and then put them up. Little did I know the two valences didn't match-I was a little upset. When you pay that kind of money you would think they would match. They didn't match horizontally or vertically. And the boutique that I ordered it from were great, but the manufacture wasn't as helpful. So we decided to make our own valence out of them. My mom did a great job-it turned out super cute. I will post a picture as soon as I have the rest of my furniture and more of the nursery set up.

Tomorrow is my next appointment. I don't know why, but I get really nervous the day before a appointment. I hate it, I get anxious that I am going to hear something bad, although this is just a routine appointment. I will be curious to see how much weight I gained this month. I feel like all I did was eat, eat, and eat some more.

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