Wednesday, January 28, 2009

almost february....

I know I promised some belly pictures, but I am having a problem getting my pictures to upload, so unfortunately it is going to have to wait. This weekend I went home to my parents house. On Friday, my mom and I ran some errins, and then I went to dinner with a good friend. We went to a sushi place-don't worry I didn't eat any. OOOOhhhhhh, do I miss sushi! What I would do for a spicy tuna roll. On Saturday, my cousins little guy had a birthday party at Ch.ucky Ch.eese, so we went there for lunch and then my cousin and I went baby shopping. We did a little damage, although she did much more damage that I did. We went to some boutiques and then the typical BRU and Tar.get, and of course the mall. It was fun, I really couldn't buy anything because my mom and sister were throwing me a baby shower on Sunday. Saturday night was pretty low key, my mom made a big dinner and then we just stayed around my parents house and hung out.

On Sunday, like previously stated, my mom and sister threw me a baby shower. It was so wonderful. It was mainly family and a few close friends. My in laws even drove all the way down, just for the day, it was great. We played a few games, which were ones I had never played before, and I have been to a lot of baby showers. The first one was name that baby. It was a full sheet of baby pictures, which included everything from my husband and I, our parents, some relatives, and then famous babies (baby jack jack from the incre.dibles, maggie from the simps.ons, you get the picture.) Then we played the price is right. My sister had bought 10 things of my registry-wipes, nuks, diapers, etc. You had to price it and the person who was closest to the total won. It was interesting to see the price differences people had. Then I opened gifts. OMG we got so many wonderful gifts! I cannot get over how wonderful everyone has been and how generous people are to us and this little guy. We are some of the luckiest people I know.

After the shower we headed home to help my mom clean up and get organized, then we headed to a local pizza joint for dinner before we headed home. My in laws stayed to join us for dinner, so it was nice to have our entire immediate family there. That doesn't happened to often. Then we headed home. I was so exhausted!!! It was a great weekend, but it took me two days to recover.

On the baby: I took my glucose test last week for the 3rd time ( first-failed, second which was 3 hr-passed) and failed it again. So now I take the 3 hour test tomorrow for the second time. I do know that I failed the test worse than I did the first time I took it, so hopefully tomorrow will be okay. I do not want to have GD, I like to eat everything to much. My iron counts are still really low, although I have been on the iron pill for over a month. So we are trying another approach of how I take the pill. We are going to try to take it on an empty stomach with orange juice. We will see if that works. I will update tomorrow, hopefully I can get some pictures up soon. I will try to burn them on a disk and pull from that, maybe that will work.

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