Thursday, April 16, 2009

weight check

Today, Camden had a weight check. He had one on Monday, and he is at 7lbs, 2 oz. So he was down 10 oz. from his birth weight. So they had me nurse him for 20 minutes to see how much he is taking in. After they rechecked it he was 7lbs, 5 oz-which means he took 3 oz in. They were shocked. So today's goal was an ounce a day since the last appointment, so hopefully around 7lbs, 8/9Oz. My little piggy weighed 7lbs, 15 oz! He has surpassed his birth weight which they wanted him at by next Friday at his 2wk check up. Everything else looks great.

We definitely have our nights and days screwed up. Last night he actually was only up once, but he hasn't been that cooperative any nights prior to that. And let me tell you, he has been sleeping all day, so tonight is going to be rough. Thank god, I can sleep tomorrow.

I am doing well. I am officially back into my pre-pregnancy clothes. It feels so good to have clothes to pick from again. Still a little sore, but only when I over do it. Other than that all is well. Hope everyone has a good weekend.


Joy said...

He is soooooo cute! Oh he makes me want a baby boy (I have two girls and pregnant with 3rd; don't know gender yet)! I love his little hairs sticking up and that pout!

Yay for pre-pregnancy clothes! I can't wait to get back there myself!

Mom said...

WOW! Camden has a champion mom and he is a champion eater. Miss him so much. Maybe we could come down on May 2nd. See how that shakes out for you? Love YOU MOM T.

Elaine said...

oh my gosh...he is adorable!!!! I am just now catching up on your blog. I am glad you are settling in to motherhood!!!! Hopefully, soon, your days and nights will get on track!