Friday, June 27, 2008

everybody looks pregnant?

It was a long day!

I had a RE appointment for bloodwork this morning. My nurse came out to grab me to come back and she suddenly looked like she was pregnant. I felt kind of bad as I stared her down the whole time she took my blood, thinking is she or isn't she. In the mean time, I asked her what to do from here? She told me I probably won't come back for about 2 weeks, and when I do it will be for another blood test to see if my counts are down to zero. At this point, I was thinking WAIT ANOTHER 2 WEEKS-WTF! Wait, Wait, Wait, Wait-has anyone informed her I am not a patient person! I left her and went to pay my bill-yes my insurance doesn't cover any infertility or pregnancy tests. The receptionist stood up and she looked pregnant! Now I understand I am at a fertility clinic, but come on!!! I am really hoping it is all in my head!! Now if these people are not pregnant, by no means am I saying they look heavy. Fashion these day are flowing.

I went to work right away so I wouldn't go home and stew. I had left a message with my boss for her to call me this afternoon regarding my appointment. She called me back and I had to have one of the hardest conversations of my life. For those of you that don't know, I work for a good friend of mine. We have worked together for 9 years, and have a great working relationship and friendship outside of work. So she knows about everything. I had interviewed for a position with our corporate office as a field trainer, which I got. There are 15 people that got picked, so this was a huge opportunity! With everything that has happened I had to turn the job down. I am devastated, but feel I had to do it. The stress level would have caused havoc on everything I have done to relax. I would be between NYC and Dayton, Ohio for over two months. So going to a RE or doctors appointments in general would have been out of the questions. And if this cycle would worked and I m/c while I was traveling I would always question if I did something wrong and most likely blame myself. So, it is what I had to do.

Later this afternoon my RE's office called. My beta is now 2.8, which is good news. That nurse, a different one than I saw this morning, told me as soon as I got a period to call her for a baseline appointment. So, I have no idea what the hell is going on. If we are now waiting until I get a period, I might as well get comfortable because it will be a while. I am going to call and talk with my IVF coordinator on Monday and see what she says. She was off today, that is why I have so many different answers to the same question. My RE is also back next week so I am sure I will hear from her as well, she is very hands on with her patients.

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Baby Quest said...

Hey Lady! I am right there with you. I had my D&C over a week ago and now we are waiting for a natural AF. Natural AF? My cycle average is like 65 days!!!!! Which means I will have to probably wait like 2 more months until my natural AF!!! Hang in there!