Sunday, June 15, 2008

forgive me father, for I have sinned

I am sorry I haven't posted in a while, it has been a very stressful week. I have been digesting the news. I was supposed to take a HPT on Tuesday. The test results were a little confusing to me, so we decided to wait and retest on Wednesday morning. I shouldn't say they were confusing, but hard to believe. These were my results:

Needless to say they were positive, but really light. So I called my doctor to tell her that I was pulling a positive, and to see if I did something wrong. I have only taken a HPT every month for the last 16 months, but maybe I have been doing it wrong the entire time. She told me congratulations, you are pregnant because it is really hard to pull a false positive, although it does happen. Come in for a blood test to double check. My first beta was 34, which is fairly low, but the doctor wasn't to concerned due to the fact I was "just pregnant." But she did want us to come back on Friday to ensure my beta had at least a 60% increase. My second beta ws 68, so I doubled, which is what they ideally want. In talking to my RE she isn't too concerned about my numbers. I have to go back to her on July 3rd for my first u/s. If there is a fetal heart beat then there is a 96% chance of me carrying full term, and I will be released to my OB. In the mean time, I should relax and just enjoy being pregnant! Ha, Ha, How do you do that? I am really trying to just go with the flow, but it is so hard not to think about it. I want this baby so bad!! I don't know how I am supposed to wait 3 wks to know if this is going to be okay! The 2ww was hard enough.

I feel good, I can't say I feel pregnant or even notice any big changes. My boobs hurt, but they have hurt for about 6 wks, although they do seem a little bigger. Not big enough to buy a new bra though. I have noticed I go from full to starving in about 3.2 seconds, and if I don't eat soon I feel nauseous. I am getting a little more tired, but I think that is from being stressed out and my crazy work schedule. Other than that all is well, like I said there are no visable signs, although I do have to urinate a lot more now.

In other thoughts, the last time I was back home, my cousin gave me a big buddha statue, that they call a fertility god. Both of my cousins used it while trying to get pregnant. It is a big statue that you can put in your yard.

It is supposed to give you good baby luck! The scary thing is I am kind of believing it. Obviously it worked, but now I am wondering why I didn't just take it home on my wedding night. We could have alleviated a lot of pain!


mbrandt said...

CONGRATS YOU TO LOVE MONKEYS!!! Now you just have 9 more months to wait to hold your little one. But ALL the U/S are awesome. You really get to see and know the little one before he or she arrives - or "all" arrive!!! I have alittle something that will be comming in the mail for you too. Hope to see you soon.

SAHW said...

Congratulations!!!!!!! This is awesome! I'm so happy for you. :) Hopefully all goes well on July 3rd, hang in there till then. I know the waiting must be so hard...but you've waited this long to get as far as you've gotten, so you will make it! Please keep us posted!

Debbie said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! I'm so happy for you two. What a great birthday present. We'll keep you in our prayers that everything goes good. Can't wait to see you on Friday.
Love ya,

Kymberli said...

Many congratulations to you, Mandy! Those tests are a wonderful sight to see! I hope that July 3 u/s reveals an even better sight!