Monday, May 19, 2008

1st shot down

Thought you might want to see some really cute pictures from our trip! The top one is Carter, he is 5 months and the best baby! The bottom one is myself, Payton, 3 and Justin.
We started injectables today! We went to the doctor and had a u/s and they tested my estrogen levels. The u/s showed little eggs-like always, so that was good for us to start today. My estrogen had to come back under 50, I was at 32. So it was a go! We go back on Thursday for an u/s and blood work.

I have Gonal F Vials. One nice thing is my doctor did give it to us free! Hopefully this will work and we won't need anymore. I have to mix a shot of solution with a powder in a vial. After it is mixed, I get a syringe and pull back 100 units, and give myself a shot in the stomach. I am very positive about this round. Our trip was a great break, much was needed. But now we are refreshed and ready to get knocked up!! My aunt gave me a large Buddha, it is a big rock looking thing that goes in a garden. It's approximately 3 feet tall. Her and my cousins have decided it is a fertility god. The best thing is it worked for both of her daughters, and it is our turn now. It better work or I want my money back!

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