Monday, May 26, 2008

were ready

today I had my u/s. We have 2 eggs at 18mm, 1 at 17mm, and one just above 15. So we are having our IUI tomorrow morning and Wednesday morning. We definitely have to take the shot tonight, I have about 4 other eggs that could be ready in about two days if we would wait and then we would have to cancel this cycle, and that would suck! I have to take my ovidrel shot tonight sometime between 5-7pm. And the other good news with this is we think I will have enough drugs to get me through one more cycle IF this cycle doesn't work, although it going to work. I am really excited, definitely not as anxious as last time. I am kind of sad we are not going to go back up to my in laws until Wednesday. We were looking forward to spending time with dh's family and also seeing our California friends.

So in the mean time, we are going to hang out with my cousin and her fiance, and her sister (obviously my cousin as well.) We don't know what we are going to do: cook out, go to the zoo, play board games, but I am sure we will have a good time. Tomorrow, I think we are going to the brewer game at 7pm. It will be our first one of the year! My sister, Stacey (another cousin), and Stacey's BF are going as well.

After our appointment on Wednesday, we will be heading back up to Altoona for Brit's graduation ceremony. When I first met Dh, she had just turned 15. She was still a kid! Now she is graduating, and is young adult! It is scary, I feel so old! How did the last few years go by so fast?

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crossing all my fingers and toes for a positive IUI!! Good Luck!!