Saturday, May 17, 2008

game on

If you read my previous post, you have seen that my travel plans have been postponed. I have not gotten a confirmed date on when I will start traveling. So far all I know is I have to be able to commit to being gone July 5-October week 3. Now, I won't necessarily be gone for the whole duration, but that is the window. In the mean time I had to contact my RE to postpone my start date. After some conversation we have decided that we are going to go ahead and start injectables this month. Normally I would go to the doctor on day 3 of my cycle. If I were to do that I would go to the doctor some time in the later part of this month, due to the fact AF decided to visit me while I was on vacation. But because I didn't produce any eggs with the last treatment, my doctor doesn't think that I am producing anything on my own. On Monday I have to go to the doctor for a ultrasound. If all in clear I will start injectables on Monday night. From my understanding I will be doing Gonal-F, which is the injectable drug. It is given in two forms, a pen that is given in the stomach or a shot in the ass. I am hoping that I will get the pen, due to the fact I can give myself the shots myself. Other wise I think my husband will get a lot of kicks giving me a shot in the ass everynight.

On some of the blogs I have read, people get really bloated, plus all the other side effects. You know there is nothing better than being so bloated you almost look pregnant, but yet can't get pregnant.

Funny story: I have this girl who works for me. She is new, very young, very different. Anyway, we were closing together the other night and she was asking me some questions like "how long you been married?" and "do you want kids?" So I told her that I have been married one year and that we weren't in a hurry to have kids, which obviously is a total lie-but there are only a few people close to me that know about all the fertility. She looked at me and says (no lie) "aren't you getting a little old to have kids!" What the F#$%! Do I look like I am freaken old! I know I am almost 30, but last I checked that is definitly still child bearing age. I didn't know what to do, I kind of panicked. I don't know what planet she came off of!

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The Boeckmann's said...

Ok, so obviously she is a nut job - that girl you work with. I promise you do NOT look too old to have kids. I almost just have to laugh because honestly if anything I think you look younger than you are - which isn't even old in the first place. Crazy, crazy...I am glad that you guys get to start again instead of having to wait until next fall. I just saw a baby story episode where they had tried everything and nothing worked and then they tried injectibles and it worked like a charm, so stay positive!! I am very very excited to see you guys next weekend for the party!! Love you! Jenna