Thursday, May 22, 2008

good signs coming our way

My appointment went well this morning. My doctor was very impressed with how well I have responded to injectables. The drug makes you produce a lot of eggs/follicles, and then hopefully 3 or 4 will break off; that is when they give me the ovidrel to ovulate. I had 39 follicles, yes folks 39. 4 of them are over double the size of all the rest of them. My estridiol came back at 428, which is a little high. So they lowered my dosage to 75 ui instead of 100. I go back on Monday for more blood work and u/s

I am shocked at how less stressful this cycle is. I am not experiencing any side effects like I did with clomid and femara. I am tired and a little more emotional than normal, but other than that I can't complain. I expected it to be as bad as it was before. I think the other drugs make you depressed and you stew about things more, plus you don't feel good. But I do have a cold and sound like shit-does that count for anything?


r_is_moody said...

Glad to hear the cycle is going well. Wow that is a lot of eggies!! Also, happy you are not having any side effects.

Sorry about the cold. Hope you feel better soon.

sara said...

Saw you on infertile turtle and just wanted to stop by and wish you the best of luck on this cycle. We just got done with our first IVF and I too thought some of the injectables were better than clomid and femara. Strange I know, but that's what my experience was at least. Good luck to you!