Thursday, May 29, 2008

back to work

I went back to work today after a long 4 days off. We have done a lot of traveling and had a lot of Dr's appointments. Last night my sister in law graduated high school. I never realized how old that makes me feel until we realized she was entering 1st grade when I was graduating high school! Less than a month until I am 30 years old. I fear it so much, I want to stay in my 20's. I think I am having a hard time because I am not exactly where I saw myself at this age. Now don't take that wrong. I have a great job, a wonderful husband, we have a house, and we do the things we want to do. Okay the truth is I thought I would be a mother my the time I was 30. The truth is out. I think that is why I am having such a hard time.

Let's change the subject! I feel like shit again today! I am so swollen-it sucks. My pants are super tight, and it hurts to move. I have to check in to my doctor tomorrow because of the pain and bloating. I am not gaining weight and still taking fluids in, so that is a good sign-at least for OHSS. Well I am off to bed, I am exhausted!

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