Thursday, July 10, 2008

and a new chapter begins

The next chapter begins today, Af came a little early. Have I mentioned that I am so sick of bleeding. I know that is a little disgusting, but after the m/c and now AF, its never ending. So the plan is to go in for my baseline u/s on Saturday morning. As of right now the plan is to do another round of Gonal-F, with a trigger when we have a good 3 eggs. Last time that was about 8 days of shots, which isn't to bad. I am also assuming they will start me out slower because of the OHSS last time. Now this could all change on Saturday depending on my u/s and bloodwork. I do have this fear that they will find something and make me take a cycle off. Then, I will have to wait yet again. It feels like an eternity since I cycled, yet it seems so soon after my m/c. It is so crazy that just short of 3 weeks ago I m/c. It almost seems like a dream or a out of body experience. I just want to get on with it, yet I am scared as hell!! My mind is ready I just hope my body is as well!!

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SAHW said...

I hope your body is ready for this cycle...b/c I know it may be frustrating to have to keep waiting...even though that is the epitome of infertility - the waiting game. Hope the u/s and bloodwork on Saturday gives you the go-ahead.

And of course it must be so scary after your miscarriage...I sincerely hope you'll never have to go through that again.

Thanks for dropping by to check on me, that was so sweet of you. :) I've gotten over the hot flashes but am having some odd cramping now...I guess that is from the Clomid. My u/s and bloodwork is Monday, so I'm waiting till then to see what's going on.