Friday, July 11, 2008

co worker

I kind of surprised myself last night. I had inventory until the wee hrs of the morning. During a conversation with one of my associates, she told me that she is pregnant, about 7 wks. Now of course the first thing that came to mind:

That would have been around my due date.
We could have compared stories, gone through some of it together.
What the hell are you doing telling people already-you are only 7 wks.
This is supposed to be me!!!!
Stop Mandy, this is not about you!!!

But then I came back into the real world, I was truly happy for her. Maybe it is because I barely know her, nor does she know any of my circumstances. There wasn't any resentment. Of course I am jealous, and wish it was me, but it's not and I can't change that. My managers were trying to keep this from me, they didn't know how I would handle it. I was actually told in front of one of them and she was shocked at how well I took it. It is what it is!

So we move on to tomorrow mornings appt. I am ready for the new chapter to begin. As kimberli stated, I have my boxing gloves back on and I am ready to fight the ugly IF. And this bitch is going down!!!

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SAHW said...

Good for you...your thought progression went in the right direction pretty fast :)

Hope this morning's appointment went well and that you get the results soon.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend! :)