Wednesday, July 23, 2008

it only takes one

Nothing improved. My one and only eggs is measuring at 22mm. The double dose did nothing to help things. In fact, I don't even have another egg over 10mm, they literally all stayed the same size. So, we are doing a IUI tomorrow. Normally we do 2 IUI, back-to-back days. This time we are only doing to do 1. My RE doesn't feel it will increase our chances at all to have 2. One positive is that it will save us a little money. I am trying to stay positive, but can't deny that I am disappointed. I have to continue to remind myself it only takes one, and that happens everyday. I am looking forward to a little brake from giving myself shots, even if it is only two weeks.

Worse case scenario-we take what we learned this cycle and the last cycle and get it right the next time.


mbrandt said...

Keep positive and things will happen when it should! We are praying for you guys and hope all goes well. Love you lots!!

Jim, Melissa, Payton & Carter

Jenni said...

Okay, I will say what you said in your last post....

Everyday women get pregnant from one frekin egg....

This will be you. Keep your chin up and all will work out. I hate that doctors can take it away from you right away. I will say an extra prayer for you this week.

The Boeckmann's said...

You are both in our prayers and I know that positivity will prevail, even when it is hard. And you are right, it only takes one. Love you!

Mom said...

One egg is all you need, we're cheering you on.
Love You,
Mom and Dad T.

Hope2morrow said...

Iit just takes one. It just takes one. It just takes one- come on: repeat it with me.

Continue with your positive thinking. Next time, tell your RE exactly what you are thinking. Tell him you need him to be positive and realistic!

Just Me. said...

Ok, I'm praying for you guys!!!!!!

Fingers and toes crossed for you! If I could cross my nipples, I would too!!!!!


SAHW said...

I hope and pray that this one will be the one! I know it may be discouraging, but it's so very true that only one is's just finding that one. :)
Hoping for the best for you.