Tuesday, July 15, 2008

slower is better?

So sorry it taken me so long to update today, I had to work and just got home at 10 pm. They have decided to keep me at 50 iu. My e2 was 99 and I had small folli's. We actually had a really good appointment. My RE sat and talked with us about a whole bunch of things including obviously what the game plan is for this cycle. They are going to take what they learned from my last cycle and make some changes. First of all they started us low because my e2 spiked to badly the last time. Also I am responding so well to low doses they think this is a better option. Due to the low dose, I will produce slower. My last cycle I took shots for 8 days-4 at 100 iu, and 4 at 75 iu. Last cycle, I had appointments every 4 days, this cycle every 3. So, I will have more appointments which means more money-that sucks! Ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

In this new "game plan" she also decided her goal is to get me pregnant with twins! Her theory in this is if I get pregnant with twins, and miscarry one, I will have a singleton in the end. And worst case, I have twins. I am totally fine with this, although I was a little shocked she came out and said it. We kind of thought that this might a possibility anyway. We chit chatted about the miscarriage, and what it really means-which I already know. We also talked about some of the stuff on the u/s-that we see but don't know what it is. I know what I am looking at when they measure, but she showed us other things about my cervix and uterus. It was like we were hanging out talking like we had been good friends for 10 years. It was kind of nice. I feel really good about the appointment and about this cycle.

I don't know what my problem seems to be this month, but shots hurt like hell. When I went to have my blood drawn this morning, she couldn't get any blood from my arm, which was strange. But she was digging for the vein with the needle still in my arm. It hurt so bad that I had to make her stop and use the other arm. The other arm gave her blood but hurt just as bad. Both arms have matching bruises the size of quarters now. I have not had any markings other than a pin mark on either one of my arms since I started IF over a year ago. When I was giving my self my shot last night, it bothered me too. I thought it was that I had given to many shots to that side of my body with out switching it up. Tonight I did it on the other side and it hurt like hell. I don't get it. And this cycle had only just begun, I go back to my RE on Friday morning.


The Boeckmann's said...

Well, I am really glad that you had a good appointment. It must be reassuring for them to tell you exactly what they are going to do so that you can get pregnant - to know they have a game plan. And it is hard to disagree with their reasoning about twins. It sounds like a good idea to me. I am not happy that you have been in soo much pain! Maybe they can tell you why the shots have become so painful when they weren't before?? That has got to make the process harder. Well we are both praying for you and we are so hopeful that you two are going to be "mom and dad" soon. Because if any one deserves that title, it is the two of you. With love and prayers, Jenna and Ben

SAHW said...

I'm glad the appointment went so well, and I really hope you do get pregnant with twins! Or at least try for two and get one. Sorry the shots are bothering you more this time...maybe you can ask them about it on Friday.

Mom said...

Hi Mandy,
Sounds like all is looking up for you. I am glad that the two of you had such a reassuring appointment. I sure am excited about the twin plan, either way it sounds like a WIN! WIN! Sure hope the shots stop hurting so much, that doesn't sound like a lot of fun.
Thanks for the great weekend!
Mom and Dad

Hope2morrow said...

First of all, how cute that your mom is blogging and a part of your infertility journey. That is huge support kudos for the both of you- you for telling her and her for being so supportive.

Second of all, I'm sorry your shots are hurting so badly. I would definitely ask the nurse or doctor what they think the problem might be regarding this.

Thirdly, it is awesome that you have a plan. Doesn't that feel so much better to know what direction you are headed?

I wish you much luck and success on your journey, whether that holds one baby or several!

Just Me. said...

I'm new to your blog!

First up, I saw that you were diagnosed with endo. I was too, earlier, about 2 months ago.Had them removed and thought i was gonna die from the pain. I survived. Now I could be on my way to my first IVF cycle and I'm yodeling for AF to go away.

Secondly, I just want to say that it's good to have a plan, especially when everything will tend to be fuzzy and what's not on this journey.

Thirdly, sorry about the shots being painful.

Fourth, hugs hugs to you.

RM said...

I'm just checking in here for the first time since I read you were pregnant a few weeks ago. I am so sorry you lost this pregnancy- I know how painful it is.

Just thought I'd mention something about your shots- I do Lo.venox in my tummy every morning and I find that if I touch the needle to my skin gently in a spot, it can help me gauge if doing the injection there is going to hurt or not. If it feels pinchy there, I move slightly to the left or right, searching for a spot where I can feel it less. Does that make sense? Kind of a hard thing to try to put into words...

In any case, I hope you find some relief. Daily shots are a drag!