Monday, July 14, 2008

Happy surprise birthday

(this is a long blog)

A few months ago, my husband had told me that I had to be home this weekend and I couldn't make any plans to do anything. Originally I was supposed to be traveling this month, so I was planning on Flying home. Due to the fact I wasn't traveling, I was told we had plans this weekend. His family came down on Saturday afternoon, they live about 2 1/2 hrs north of us. We hung out and played games all night. When we went to bed, I started asking questions because I knew something was going on for Sunday. DH told me that he wanted to surprise me, but his and my immediate family were all going to a Bre.wer game on Sunday (in case you didn't now we are sports junkies, anything Wisconsin-pack.ers, bad.gers, or Bre.wers.)

So we got on the road pretty early, around 9 am. The game was started at, so we left early to tailgate. He had talked to my sister a couple of times on the way, but he played it off as wanting to know where we were and where we should park. Little did I know that 37 of my closest family and friends met at 8:30 in the morning and caravaned down to Milwau .kee to go to this game.

As we pulled in, my sister called again to let DH know where they were parked. Keep in mind at this point, I still had no idea that anything was going on. As we were pulling up, one of cousin's got out of a car, who's car- I don't know, but I was thinking "how nice is that, she must have had nothing going on today." Then we were parking and I looked next to me and another one of my cousin's were getting out of a car. Suddenly, family members were coming out of the woodwork-and it dawned on me-they were all there to celebrate my birthday. IT WAS SO AWESOME. All of my cousins that I spend a lot of time with, there children, and parents were there. We also had some close family friends that took time out of there days to come.
We cooked out-let me tell you it was a smorgasbord!!! Brats, hamburgers, salads, bars, dips, you name it we had it. The weather was gorgeous, sunny mid 70's. We hung out, played yard games-bags, lazy golf. All the beer and soda you drink. I actually broke the rules and had 3 beers (in a 5 hrs time, don't worry I didn't get bombed) but it felt good to be normal for a day. All of our seats were together, yes, 37 seats. The game was a sell out, so it was packed. The Bre.wers won-yeah that is always a bonus!!

After the game, we went back and hung out for a while! On the way home we stopped at a custard store that I love and the flavor of the day was mint chip (this is my all time favorite flavor), it was a sign from god that it was MY DAY! After that we came home, ordered pizza with my cousin and her husband, crashed!!! I was exhausted. I would classify yesterday as one of the best days of my life-right up there with the day DH proposed to me and my wedding day. Here is a picture of my cousins and I-I am the one in Yellow!

On the If front. I got the go ahead from my RE to start the injectables. Tonight will be my 3rd night of shots. They started my dosage really low, half of what I started the last time. So, I am taking 50 iu every shot. I go beck to the Re tomorrow morning. I wish I knew why they were starting me so low, but they are the professionals. I am just scared this cycle will cost me more money. Well, I hope you all had a great weekend. I am sorry that this blog was so long. I promise to update after tomorrows appt.


SAHW said...

How sweet of your family! You're lucky to have such a nice family. I'm glad you had a nice birthday weekend and are back on the ball with TTC.

Hope2morrow said...

How awesome is your hubby? Sounds amazing that he planned all of that and surprised you. I love surprises!

Happy 30th, by the way!

Looking forward to your report tomorrow!

Baby Quest said...

Happy Birthday!

Your husband and family sound fantastic!! Good for you! Sounds like things are going well for you. Glad to hear it. Did you find out from the docs about the meds?